Soundtrack to 2012

A little bit of everything is what most of us say these days when we describe our musical tastes. For me, it depends most of all on the mood I’m in when I’m listening to them. The following songs aren’t exactly the best of the year (some of them are older than 2012) but they are favourites of mine that put together a nice signature and stamp on 2012. This is as close as I can get to describing my own little bit of everything.

January –

Violinists Can Shuffle Too-

Five People One Guitar –

Sprawl II –

February –

Video Games –

Watchin’ the Sun Come Up –

March –

Hit the Lights –

Safe and Sound –

April –

That Song –

May –

Without A Word –

June –

Tears –

July –

Varuo –

 August –

White Doves –

September –

Seven Devils –

October –

Surprise, Surprise –

This Ladder is Ours –

Outro –

November –

What Other Guy –

Ho Hey –

Grow/ Walls and

December –

It’s Time –

Strobe –

Mega Hit Anthems of 2012

Winter: Somebody I Used To Know

Spring & Summer: Call Me Maybe

Fall/ Autumn: Gangnam Style

Old Dog New Tricks – Neil Davidage composing the Halo 4 Soundtrack:

Music to your Enlightenment – I Was Born For This (Austin Wintory on the Journey Soundtrack)

Quiet Score to Serve A Bombastic Crowd – Black Ops II Main Theme: Trent Reznor

To Sum it All Up – Leaving Earth (Clint Mansell on the Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack)

Played to Death – Too Close by Alex Clare

Wake Up Theme Song – I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons

Favourite ArtistBirdy (Without A Word, Just A Game, Various Covers: Skinny Love, Young Blood, 1901)

Band That Everyone Started Loving – Mumford & Sons

Connection Between the Two: Learn Me Right – Brave Soundtrack


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