Quietly Enjoyable Movies

There are box-office successes, failures, critical bombs and cult hits, but each film can have something of its own that doesn’t quite fit it into any of those categories, but is just good enough. These films are mild success stories based on their own merits.

Monsters (2010) $237,301  72% 63


Highest Praise: Legendary Pictures, who upon seeing  the scale of what director Gareth Edwards had managed to pull off on a micro-budget, then hired him on to direct Godzilla, due out May 16th, 2014.


Warrior (2011) $13,657,115 83% 71

Highest Praise: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who gave praise to Nick Nolte’s performance as a recovering alcoholic father and former fight trainer trying to reconcile with his estranged children. His performance earned him a best supporting actor nod, his third overall.


The Adjustment Bureau (2011) $62,495,645 72% 60

Highest Praise: This is the highest grossing film on the list so audiences clearly accepted it. The general reception from critics who noted the great chemistry between Matt Damon and Emily Blunt and particularly Joblo’s Chris Bumbray who said it was much better than the trailers made it look. Also, the dude I saw this in theatres with, who leaned over and whispered to me during the film, “Man, I wish I had a chick to make out with at this point, would be so perfect.”. What more praise do you need than the average joe?!


Source Code (2011) $54,712,227 92% 74

Highest Praise: The internet forums I’ve found, particularly Reddit seem to bring up this highly rated movie anytime a “what to watch” discussion thread is introduced. I also heard it did well on home video.


The Hunter


$176,669  70% 63

Highest Praise: This is a straight recommendation. The movie’s premise and title come off as a bit generic and there’s always the novel to read instead. The film seems to translate well from its source material (which I haven’t read). It is beautifully shot, with quiet yet solid performances and a good late night movie that gives you a bit to digest after all is said and done. The reason you haven’t heard of it is because it is an Australian film that was released on VOD before hitting theatres in a limited run. I would liken the film to its subject matter as its something of a hidden gem, a rare animal waiting out there for you to see after you finish reading this list.


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