What Do You Think? The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer

  • UPDATE: New trailer added copyright problem fixed (at least for now)

Ben Stiller stars and surprisingly directs this ambitious adaptation of James Thurbold’s short-story of the same name. A previous film adaptation in 1947 starred Boris Karloff with actor Danny Kaye as the title character, and the story has had several stage interpretations but as someone who wasn’t around in those times this seems like a fresh take at least for my generation.

It is visually stunning in the same league as last years ‘Life of Pi’ and gives away just the right amount of footage I think, though subsequent trailers will probably screw that up the movie is definitely something to look forward to. Ben Stiller’s last two directorial efforts; Zoolander and Tropic Thunder both were excellent satires. I think he has a surprising eye for scope and thus is an appropriate choice for capturing the themes of the story of a timid magazine editor with a big imagination that embarks on a true-life adventure when a photo negative goes missing.


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