The New Older; Wolfenstein Review

Developer: Machine Games

Publisher: Bethesda

Approximate Running Time: 15 Hours

Directors: Jerk Gustafsson and Jens Matthie

Writers: Jerk Gustafsson, Tom Keegan, Jens Matthies

WolfNewOrderRepresenting the cutting edge of next generation, I ran Wolfenstein: The New Order over 4 discs on my Xbox 360 after a lengthy install. The graphics seemed nothing to ride home about as it seems compromised for the seventh generation, simply looking at the game through my flickering CRT 55-inch television. At the end of the game I had the biggest headache of my life, perhaps due to excessive gameplay or the heat of the night. None of this detracted from my overall experience but instead gave it character, however it did indicate that perhaps I was growing tired of playing the same game over and over the last few years and even a few mixes to the formula of new and old aren’t enough to shake things up anymore.

You collect health packs in Wolfenstein but as scattered and well placed as they are it feels nonetheless frustrating when a few hits even at maxed health takes you down. The result is an uneven clash of an awkward leaning cover mechanic against the rambo style dual-wielding of [almost] any weapon. The latter is something I’ve missed greatly over the years where a gamer would be stuck behind walls waiting for a recharge after popping 1 or 2 bad guys, and after dying repeatedly thanks to a mid-game difficulty spike that had me change settings, I realized I would have to wait a bit longer as the game doesn’t feel entirely comfortable being just a dumb fun shooter. Right down to the characters.

Not one for cover mechanics?

Lughead B.J. Blazcowicz is oddly humanized here playing off of well-rounded story based characters. His story and love interest make sense and was something I rooted for the whole game. This added dimension wasn’t crucial to the but I found myself wanting myself to reunite with Anya as I trekked through my quest the motivation was just enough to keep me going, and a few key characters that join your fight are also nice enhancers that unfortunately aren’t enough to fill in the 15 hour experience.

A major aspect that holds the game back is its level design. It felt empty, a business casualty of developing for 5 different platforms I’m sure, the levels felt vaguely real in the alternate reality setting and towards the end are particularly dazzling the underwater tomb among the more interesting later environments a highlight you visit towards but are not exactly dynamic enough to feel like you are playing in them, like the museum of alternate history this game is, I felt I was playing around them.

I would say this game is worth playing as a rental, or if it interests you as a casual gamer but don’t go out-of-the-way for it, because you’re not missing anything especially original beyond just more stylish hours to kill. The New Order ironically doesn’t bring anything new to the shooter table rather a mix of modern and old. It is too much a classic throwback to get freshly wrapped up in yet also too serious to turn your brain off. Machine Games’ surefire or seems to make the game they set out to with their premiere effort that lives up to its subtitle. Either accidentally or German Accentedly it just so happens to be one I’m barely too interested in playing.

Rating: 6.5/10 — “Gets off your gun off with hardly a bang.”

B.J., Anya, Wyatt, Fergus, Deathshead, Frau respectively been along time since I’ve remembered that many characters from a game sorry Caroline (second-from right).


  • The game’s final act concludes at just the right moment for me, I’m optimistic less of the franchise but more of the developer’s future.
  • I chose Probst Wyatt III in the prologue as a timeline altering decision, I felt a lesser qualified soldier would make a more interesting choice.
  • I could not figure out the stealth portion to save my life.
  • Finally living up to the gamer portion of my website, expect more over the coming months.

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