New Spider-Man July 28th 2017, likely be Catalyst for Ruination

Variety reports that Marvel’s Kevin Feige and Former Sony Pictures Chair Amy Pascal will produce a film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe due out just over two years from now on July 28th, 2017. Currently the third Thor movie: Ragnarok is scheduled for that date, which moves to November 3rd, while Marvel stablemate Black Panther which was scheduled for that date moves up to July 6th.

Captain America 3 (Civil War) originally scheduled for May 6th, 2016 is pushed back to November 2nd, 2018. While Inhumans, originally scheduled for that date moves to Summer 2019 after Avengers Infinity War Part 2 on May 3rd.

Now this is all sounding like it may turn into a giant clusterfuck, but according to Deadline Hollywood the producers will insert Spidey into an existing Marvel franchise before giving him his own film. Variety describes the project as yet another ‘reboot’, though it is unclear whether that refers the restarting of production after stalls at Sony or yet another origin story for Spidey. Likely not the latter as I don’t think anybody at Marvel is that stupid.

Sony will continue to own, finance, produce and distribute the films with Marvel overseeing production. Spidey producers Avi Arad (Amazing Garfield series) and Matt Tolmach (original Tobey Maguire trilogy) move to executives, while Amy Pascal who recently left as Sony Pictures co-chair will produce along with Feige. Comparing the quality scales from the last Spider-Man movie (which I liked) with the current slate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it seems like a good move.

Originally Sony’s property rights to Spider-Man movies were time sensitive, requiring them to pump out an installment every few years. This is likely a renegotiation of that deal which neglectfully lost Sony the Doctor Strange rights (now scheduled for November 4th 2016 with Benedict Cumberbatch under Marvel).

Marvel has been seeking back all of its properties with a vengeance since it obtained Ghost Rider after the last film: Spirit of Vengeance bombed. Last year they obtained Fox’s rights to Daredevil and have a Netflix show.

“Marvel, Kevin Feige and Amy, who helped orchestrate this deal, are the perfect team to help produce the next chapter of Spider-Man,” said Michael Lynton, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Arguably thrilled that his former co-chair caught saying not nice things will produce the studio’s biggest moneymaker while he continues to deal with the fallout of the Sony hack.

Disney [which owns Marvel] CEO Bob Iger also seemed thrilled, noting that it “opens up fantastic new opportunities for storytelling and franchise building.” and probably not noting that he just signed off on scheduling two of his films to open the same day.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 the last installment which grossed over a billion dollars worldwide is now scheduled to open with Black Panther. And for those of you totally confused here’s Marvel’s Cinematic Universe outlook for the next 4 years courtesy of Box Office Mojo:


Marvel’s Agent Carter [ongoing Tuesdays @9/8c on ABC]

March 3rd – Marvel’s Agents of Shield [Season 2 returns, ends May 19th)

April 10th – Daredevil [Netflix]

May 1st – Avengers [2]: Age of Ultron

July 17th – Ant-Man


November 4th – Doctor Strange


May 5th – Guardians of the Galaxy 2

July 6th – Black Panther

July 27th – Spider-Man

November 3rd – Thor [3]: Ragnarok


May 4th – Avengers [3]: Infinity War Part 1

November 2nd – Captain America [3]: Civil War


May 3rd – Avengers [3]: Infinity War Part 2

July 12th – Inhumans

*Stan Lee has a lot of Cameos to do. There is no word yet on whether Andrew Garfield will return. Emma Stone evidently will not.


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