50 Shades of Grey – Movie Review


Directed by: Sam Taylor-Johnson

Written by: Kelly Marcel

Edited by: Anne V. Coates

Starring: Dakota Johnson

Review: In order for a film to be a good movie, there must be three good scenes and no bad scenes. This movie had three good scenes; A humourous contract discussion, and two tastefully shot sex scenes, that yes are erotic. This is the bare minimum for 50 Shades of Grey, the rest is unfortunately forgettable.

Having read the book before the film started production, I had built up ideas in my head on how the film would be portrayed. For what honestly is the longest book I have ever read, it’s a bit disappointing to have it folded into such a bland package as this.

The movie is rather milquetoast. The casting and chemistry are slightly lacking, the film despite its intimate content keeps the audience at a distance, like looking into a still photograph. There are no fancy camera angles that bring you in, it’s all just there left to stand on its own, remaining uninspired. I wish the director and author were able to work together better. Anastasia doesn’t come off as much of a character and Christian; a cipher in the book is portrayed on-screen as nothing but a plot device. He looks too boyish as Christian Grey and his emotional attempts at intensity given the material don’t resonate genuinely. A simple miscast. You don’t believe these characters exist as they did in the book.

In transition, the film brings with it a sense of humour that the book actually had (for those who assumed not), and the cold contract discussions and sex scenes give a fresh dynamic not usually portrayed on-screen. However this potential could be so much more rather than wasted on the equivalent of a 40 million dollar studio filming exercise.

The biggest problem is that none of the dots connect which were spread out over 500+ pages. Edited by a championed pro the film does a speed run through the book with the fantastically ridiculous elements of the book that made it fantasy cut out; a tampon scene, the use of beads, inner goddesses and playful banter go unmentioned. As thankful as this may seem, what made the material stand out or at least interesting is gone. After having watched the film I find the hollow film fading from memory. Hopefully the next chapter leaves more of an impression.

Rating: “0” on the continuum

-3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3

Based on the novel by E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey is available now on Digital-HD and Home Video. It made $569,651,467 worldwide. It is part of the 50 shades trilogy; the sequel is due in theatres February 10th, 2017. —

–The soundtrack is quite good and available–



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