Background Check: What makes ‘NERVE’ very interesting.

NERVE, stars Emma Roberts, Dave Franco and a ton of YouTube celebrities in a film about a game of truth of dare…but without the truth. NERVE has non-stop, hyper-stylized thrills with an awesome soundtrack to match and you just might like it!

Here’s the trailer: []

Filmmaker Resume:

From the directors of Catfish [the controversial film and MTV show], and Paranormal Activity 3 [the best one of the series]. The movie is adapted from Jeanne Ryan’s 2012 YA novel of the same name and brought to the screen by American Horror Story veteran Jessica Sharzer.

The Actors: emrob

nerve horseyThough established well enough in their own right; Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are kin to higher profile actors. Roberts (We’re The Millers, Scream Queens) is daughter of prolific cult-favourite character actor Eric Roberts, and niece of Julia Roberts. Dave Franco (Neighbors 2, Now You See Me 2) is younger brother of the prolific actor and walking meme James Franco.df nerve

Culture check:

Coming in at the tail end of the YA phase sweeping cinemas that initially got it green lit, the take has matured into another timely theme, Digital Broadcasting. Since the film’s production started at the end of 2014, Periscope has come out and more recently Facebook Live, where people can self-broadcast directly to a whole audience. The premise touches on every idea of the maturation of that theme, invoked in the casting of several YouTube stars who I don’t know (I’ll have you look it up if you don’t already). With Twitch video game streaming, and the recent social media news video capturing of tragic horrors, to the phenomenon of last weeks launch of Pokemon Go just undergoing monetization efforts The movie finds itself in a bit of a marketing coup, the release date of this film couldn’t be better planned.

last nerveYou will see in the trailer if you so choose, how the film’s tone graduates from being a whimsical big-city adventure (shot on location in a glistening yet hollow looking New York City) to a potentially deadly situation. On any other film this might represent a problematic lack of focus, but filmmakers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulmann whose own career arc (from the internet horrors of Catfish to the Internet projected horrors of Paranormal Activity 3 & 4) suggests it as a natural progression. Having an American Horror Story screenwriter might not have hurt either. “It felt very organic for us. We were ready after Catfish and a couple Paranormal movies. We had been honing our skills, and the subject matter was just right for us.” It was the kind of film they intended on making in the first place. Speaking to MTV about the film, they remarked, “Most things aren’t black and white. The internet is neither good nor bad; it just depends on how you use it.” Referring to the Nerve game itself which could be both “a really empowering game, and it’s also the most awful thing that you can possibly imagine.”[1]

Time will tell if ‘Nerve’ strikes as a success, but if you can’t wait until its wide release on July 27th and plan on being in the Ottawa area you can follow this link to claim free advanced screening via entering your email while supplies last. Pay to watch or play to win.



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