Mini-Review: ‘Storks’


Reviewed by Arclas

Have you ever wondered where babies actually come from? Watch the movie. Storks fully explained the baby-making process in a kid friendly way so you will never have to have `the talk` again. Simply write a letter in an envelope to the storks specifying the baby you want and the storks will place that envelope in a magical device that makes your baby and then they deliver. As their motto goes “The Stork Delivery Service. Make a plan, stick to the plan, always deliver!”

Things go horribly awry when a stork named Jasper (Danny Trejo) doesn`t deliver Orphan Tulip (Katie Crown) and the company switches from the baby delivering service to packages. The orphaned baby is then adopted by the company. 18 years later, teenage orphan Tulip has been causing disturbances working for the company and Junior the stork (Andy Samberg) has been tasked with firing her if he wants a promotion. He can’t find it in his heart to fire her, especially on her birthday, so Junior gives tulip a ‘promotion’ to the abandoned mail room. She receives a letter for a baby delivery and unwittingly restarts the baby making machine after 18 years. Junior now has to deliver the baby without anyone knowing in order to save his job and get that promotion to become the boss.

Meanwhile, a little boy named Nate Gardner (Anton Starkman) wants nothing more than to have a loving family and people to play with however his parents are too busy working. That is when he writes his own letter to the storks, pretending to be his parents, to get a little brother with awesome ninja skills. This letter that steamrolls the events of the film.

14658282_10154517173229277_2048196059_nIt’s a very cute movie about families coming together and reuniting. From a pack of transformer wolves (voiced by Key and Peele) that wish to adopt the baby to form a weird jungle book spin off to the human/stork family of Tulip and Junior to finally a neglected little boy and his family, everyone just wants to create a loving family and take care of the baby.

The journey is quite funny and heart-felt leading the audience with a great cast, and the animation- very detailed from the characters to the scenery. Every aspect of this movie was visually appealing and fun. The plot itself was odd but it was a cute animated experience for the whole family that dove deep into each character’s motive for creating connection. By the end, you really root for the characters to get everything they wanted.

: would watch again

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