‘Doctor Strange’ Review

Reviewed by: Arclas

silence_xlgSo, this is will be the first “official” review of a Marvel movie that I have made. The rest were just rants of a raving lunatic to anyone and anyone who will hear me shortly after seeing the films. Hopefully you are just exited as I am!

Dr. Stephen Strange in the comic book world; the sorcerer supreme, the defender of worlds, the keeper of the Eye of Agamotto, and known for his awesome facial hair. Dr. Stephen Strange in the Marvel movie Universe; is exactly the same but instead of drawn by Stan Lee, he is played by Benedict Cumberbatch. (Stan Lee also makes a cameo as per usual) Strictly speaking, without entering geek mode, the movie is fairly close to show who Dr. Strange is at its core and what he represents.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays a brilliant, and egotistical, surgeon who focuses more on being the best at everything then actually doing the most good by helping the “hopeless cases” then helping the emergency room and helping more cases. He gets into a car crash and destroys his hands and begins a downward spiral in life to end-up at the doorstep of the beginning of his new life. He struggles at first trying to overcome his ego but as true for Marvel movies, a quick training and struggle montage, he soon becomes awesome and starts kicking ass almost immediately. Adding quick jokes and underlying humour, he takes down the bad guy and the world is saved. No need for a spoiler because I could have described most of the Marvel and DC movies. (Still love them though.)

I do not know what this is.

The movie itself is the third movie adaptation of the hero dating back from 1978 (live action) and 2007 (animated). This movie is also an odd offshoot portrayal of the Matrix trilogy if Neo had magic instead of tech, operated in the Relativity painting by M.C Escher¹ and dated somewhere in the 70’s when LSD was all the rage. That however is my opinion and a few of those that have seen it may share my sentiment.

Report card

The movie had great special effects and strong visually appeal shown both in dimensions and a variety of magic effects. The quick jokes were used well for comic relief and often were met by laughs rather than just simply diffusing tension in the action scenes. The fight scenes were staged well and the movie flowed quite well from beginning to end. A great start for Dr. Stephen Strange’s introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I would watch this movie again and I rate it at 8/10


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