Game of Thrones Season 7 Ep.3 Review: ‘The Queen’s Justice’

“Stormborn” Episode two, Season 7 of Game of Thrones may go down as one of the lesser remembered installments of the series, with only the final ship siege of Euron Greyjoy taking the Sand Snakes and Yara hostage of note, but this week’s follow-up ‘The Queen’s Justice’ is a different story.

With the reunification of Stark’s Brandon and Sansa, a significant death and a thorny reveal with the most important meeting in series history, episode three shakes up the series history to be a satisfying round of Game of Thrones. The meeting between Daenery’s Stormborn of House Targaryen and Jon Snow of Winterfell and House Stark at Dragonstone is one of showmanship, with each party having someone to speak for them. With the well spoken Tyrion and the ever surprising Ser Davos Seaworth enemies at the Battle of Blackwater Bay in Season Two announcing the two most important characters it is funny to see when Jon and Dany meet one on one later in the episode how much the drama falls flat. It goes to show how much better Peter Dinklage, the series only Emmy winner and Liam Cunningham are at acting than Emilia Clarke or Kit Harrington. The most interesting piece of drama between the two of them is whether The King of the North will bend the knee. Evoking the sins of the father theme throughout the series the ever clever Mr. Snow finds a way around insulting the Queen of Dragons without bending and the tension between the two of them instead shifts to a will they won’t they alliance. It would be more fascinating and surprising if they didn’t ally somehow, although the missed opportunity in a camera composed two-shot suggests maybe they don’t want to let  fans make it too obvious, or have them get together too easily.

Elsewhere Cersei, the first ruling Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and her brother Jamie probably for the first time outsmart their younger brother Tyrion as they order her new Navy by Euron Greyjoy to burn the Targaryen ships at Casterly Rock, a much hyped about location throughout the series whose first appearance here provides a bit of a letdown, but I guess that’s the point. With smug laced-over narration by Tyrion showing how clever he is for designing the secret sewers Greyworm easily takes the castle only to realize his army is stranded as a part of strategy implemented by Jamie Lannister who lost a battle with a similar strategy used by Robb Stark in season three. We discover Jamie’s army went to visit Lady Olenna the last of the Tyrells in Greygarden. As Jamie explains he convinced Cersei to show mercy by providing Old Lady Tyrell with poison. The Queen of Thorns herself reveals to him after drinking it that she was the one that orchestrated and poisoned Joffrey Baratheon at the purple wedding.

The last scene is an interesting one for Jamie as it shows us the helplessness of his character. Jamie is at an interesting point as one of the longstanding characters on the show, similar to Littlefinger and Varys, and as Melisandre pointing out her usefulness is drawing to a close. As the noted Kingslayer, and commander of an army fighting a war on multiple fronts Jamie seems destined to lose as his sister and (ugh, shudder) one love continues to be driven mad by vengeance and may eventually yet fancy Euron, who is set up all too easily as the impossible not to root against shitbird following in the footsteps of bastards Ramsay Bolton and Joffrey Baratheon. Not that Euron doesn’t deserve it, his demise is just inevitable, likely at the end of the season. Whether it will be by Jamie’s own hand or Greyjoy’s niece and nephew I have little doubt it will happen. As for Jamie himself, it is written that Cersei who is standing on shaky ground will die by the hand of her brother, so will the Lannister add Queenslayer to his list or will his poisonous love drive him to his own demise?

The remaining Dragon theories following the confirmation of Jon Snow’s true parentage to Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark has shifted to include rumours of Tyrion being a bastard of Targaryen descent and the subtle but ever present Three Eyed Raven himself Brandon Stark being a Warg (one who can see through and control animals) also possibly eventually flying his own dragon (“You will never walk again but you will fly”) with Tyrion or Brandon possibly flying the dragon Viserion and Jon flying Rhaegal. Looking out to the close of the series, which if plans hold ensure there are only 10 episodes left with a shorter 6 episode season following this 7 episode one, they sure have a lot of ground to cover. Considering what’s remaining it looks as though Jon Snow will have no problem mining the Dragonglass to use against the white walkers. I wonder how and if Tyrion will be punished for being outsmarted for the first time by his siblings in battle. At least they tied up the loose end of Arya’s Direwolf Nymeria leading a pack in the Riverlands and a little extra Hot Pie. Now the next subplot before the Hound fights his brother we need an answer to is where the hell Gendry is!


  • Jorah Mormont survived his dragonscale disease, which probably means his is closer to death for the end of the season, he has been getting decent screen time lately and I’d be surprised if he survives till the end.
  • Speaking of him I wonder about GoT love triangles, is Jon Snow a one and done type of guy with Ygritte and all or will he secure a place alongside Daenerys? Its interesting their two leadership styles as a Targaryen has a birthright and Jon Snow has ascended into leadership.
  • When will Jon see his half brother Brandon again, it is urgent they talk. And is Arya getting there or what? I imagine the remaining Starks won’t be reunited until the end, and perhaps Jon Snow will sacrifice himself at the end for Dany?
  • Will Tyrion end up with Sansa? He asked about her, but he’ll have to get through Littlefinger first, uh oh. I always imagined at least Jon and Dany would rule together.


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