“The Spoils of War” Game of Thrones S7E4 ‘Review’

I long for what a more nihilistic George R.R. Martin script would have done for this episode. The author whose work on which the show was based wrote an episode for the first four seasons and afterwards tended to focus on the sixth book The Winds of Winter instead. Here his absence is felt in two ways the slightly cringe dialogue of scenes between Jon Snow and Davos as well as Daenerys and Missandei as well as the outcome of the episode which feels like a bit of a cheat. It is unlike Game of Thrones to ease up on death and there are arguments to be made that the show deserves credit for staging an important battle without the use of lethal mortality to drive it forward, but at this late stage when the stakes are so high to see two characters twice face off racing toward one another without any lethality not only feels unlike the show it also feels like a cop out.

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