Name that Actress: Andrea Riseborough

I first noticed her in Oblivion (2013). I didn’t immediately think she was as attractive as Olga Kurylenko (Tom Cruise’s other love interest). Then I saw her make that ridiculous face while pointing in the trailer for The Death of Stalin (2017). After I noticed she was Emma Stone’s hair dresser in Battle of the Sexes I realized she was a good actor because she managed to standout. I was in the middle of doing this while wanting to put something on when I realized one of the Black Mirror episodes I hadn’t watched yet “Crocodile” (2017) featured her blonde as the main character. Now I’m looking back at Oblivion, and even though I realized the music to that movie from M83 was amazing and I’m a huge Tom Cruise fan, I realized Melissa Leo was great in that movie and director Joseph Kosinski and the Special Effects. I realized the most memorable scenes in that movie actually had to do with her. That’s a good actor. They are so great they sneak up on you and you don’t even notice.

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