‘Sharp Objects’ Slims Down in Its Fourth Episode

By the fourth episode of a good series you ought to be hooked and I’m not. I said in the first episode, you need a water cooler moment in episode 4 or something to look forward to. The chaotic montage capping the episode is economic and marketable. The short 45 minute run time is frustrating and what follows is anti-climactic.

“Ripe” is one of the best episodes of the season. It is well paced, features some memorable and discussion worthy scenes. The framing of it is easier to follow than other episodes. Camille gives Willis and thus the audience a tour of the towns stories and thus insight into her life. We get more development on the other Preaker/ Police relationship. Chief Vickery eyes Adora and engages in banter that is as playful as it is dangerous. Neither Preaker women seem concerned with the ethical dilemma of wrestling with authority.

Through it all young teenage daughter Amma’s possible death dangles like a carrot. She’s a replacement for Adora’s lost daughter, but I don’t know what else the show wants to do with her. Same goes with the dad (delightful & mysterious Henry Czerny). Earlier I complained how HBO depicts millennials and I don’t want to repeat myself. Suffice to say Adora feels underdeveloped. A Leftovers tactic of giving a side character their own episode would fix a lot of problems.

Camille is as interesting as possible at this point barring some game changer. Everything feels like its been static for too long. There are still several pieces I do not know how they will fit. What is with the step dad’s creepy stares? Is there more to reveal about him? Town gossip continues to bubble under without visible impact consistent with feminine themes. The show seems capable of more and its failed to do anything interesting so far. That explains the slipping ratings. People are losing patience, despite the warning. Sharp Objects being ‘decent’ so far considering its potential is dispiriting. to be ‘the’ feminist crime drama is disappointing. It’d be great for the site too.

Rating: Warning

  • The way Camille hooks up with Det. Willis in the woods stopping him from kissing her then being more forward and taking the lead I thought, “Well that’s different. Good for her!”

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