Everything Is “Falling” Into Place on the Penultimate ‘Sharp Objects’ Episode

Rating: A-

  • John Keene and Camille hook up which has been a long time coming. It’s predictable but I’m glad they understand each other.
  • Detective Richard Willis doesn’t get any points for not throwing Camille’s damaged family history in her face, but its nice he doesn’t blame her and still gives her the information which turns out to be vital, cliché busted.
  • Amma getting sick makes me sick. I wonder if the blue-bottle stuff Adora feeds Amma makes her sick enough for her teeth to fall out?
  • Thoughts of Chief Vickery near the end of the episode:There’s Camille Preaker, Adora’ Crellin’s oldest daughter likely driving drunk again. Should I follow her? Hey, there’s those pretty girls again. “Hey Chief, so the streets are safe to skate on again huh?” Safe or not, it doesn’t seem to bother you girls… ‘Where’s the third one of you. [Amma Crellin] You usually travel in a pack.’ “Her mother won’t let her out. She’s sick.” ‘Well you keep your eyes open, all it takes is some drunk coming down this way and he’ll hit ya.’ “Or She. Don’t be sexist Chief.”

    Is Chief Vickery gonna crack the case?
  • Adora is revealed to be the woman in white who takes children in the woods and that makes sense from Camille’s perspective but her point of view isn’t proven.
  • Jackie shows up again to prove she knew about Adora making girls sick all the time. We also now know Adora took care of Natalie Keene before she died. That’s pretty whelming evidence. Elizabeth Perkins plays Jackie so well despite little screen time.
  • Camille is having her breakdown and her editor wants her to come home. She said it’s her mom. Her boss says she’s not well. [I was one episode off.]
  • At this point it should only be a Crellin or Jackie O’Neill, anything else would be a cheat. But either option has a significantly different impact.
  • End Credits song: the chilling folktale “Down in the Willow Garden” by The Everly Brothers, an acoustic country version.
    Phil Everly, born in Chicago [where Camille works] lived 1939-2014. Don Everly (b. 1937) is still kickin’. This version off the album ‘Songs Our Daddy Taught Us’.
  • Alan has a generous amount of screen time, my love for Henry Czerny from his days as an IMF Director and seeing him get work on Revenge has its limits. If Adora and him are not the killers I will be disappointed. P.S. I wonder if those pliers from Vickery were a complete red herring.

Spoiler Alert: Possible Killer Reveal:

Camille flashes back to memories of her mother holding her daughter (Marian) while wearing a white dress, the same dress that matches the description given for the town folklore Woman in White who abducts children from in the woods.
  • The reason Alan has such an incredible sound system is so he can noise cancel out the screams of the daughters Adora murders hoping to drown out his guilt. He knows.
  • We also shouldn’t rule out a Hot Fuzz type situation where all the town elderly are in on it and Chief Vickery helps dispose of the body. Jackie being involved would also support my theory from episode one.
  • Adora being the killer would connect and resolve both the murder plot and family trauma plot which you look for in good drama. Although don’t rule out a True Detective/ The Night Of style ending where the immediate threat is resolved i.e. who did the most recent murder/ Natalie Keene yet longer term mysteries linger (Yellow King).
  • Worst possible ending? Just Kidding: John Keene really did do it, he was tortured by those wild women of Wind Gap and Camille out of spite lets him go.

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