Actors With Great Taste in Material: Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss has always had good taste in material. Anyone who participated in Mad Men gets an automatic pass and benefit of the doubt when it comes to material, but Moss followed that landmark television series up with another one by a completely different set of cast & creators on a different network with the visually unique, rich adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale. And that is not all of her contribution to brilliant TV series events. Before the of murder/ mystery serial killer boom revitalization with stories like Serial, Broadchurch and Happy Valley Moss utilized her Mad Men capital to headline an Australian show from an Oscar-nominated female director in Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake (81 MetaScore on Metacritic indicating a Must Watch event).

Having gotten her big break on The West Wing, Moss actually trained as a Ballet dancer at the School of American Ballet later studying with renowned ballerina Suzanne Farrell at the Kennedy Centre. I first considered doing this article in light of The Handmaid’s Tale and Us last year as well as liking her contribution in films like The One I Love and The Square a fascinating French-Swedish film where she pops up as an American journalist. Although you’d have to watch her in Top of the Lake (arguably her best project, which spawned a sequel series) to catch her native Australian accent. — Nope nevermind, doing my research now she’s actually a full-blooded American and just impeccable with accents, one of the few Americans that can do it. Safe to say that any project you sign onto, whether its from the creator of Saw, or the director of The Piano if it stars Elisabeth Moss, the odds are in favour for it to be worthwhile.


The Invisible Man (90%)
Her Smell (83%)
The Square [85% Palme d’Or/ Best Foreign Film Oscar]
The One I Love (82%)
Queen of Earth (94%)
Listen Up Phillip (85%)
Us (93%) [Highest grossing original film of 2020]

TV Shows:

Mad Men (IMDb top rated TV #132)
Top of the Lake
(Golden Globe Best Actress)
The Handmaid’s Tale
(Emmy Winner — Best Actress)
The West Wing (Young Artist Award Nominee)


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