Robbie to play Barbie. Gosling to play Ken. From the Writer of Marriage Story and the Director of Little Women.

Warner Bros. and Mattel production will shoot sometime in early 2020.

This is a dream come true! Anyone will get onboard with a fun movie or a good story, especially when they adapt a well known property. But Warner Bros. went the extra mile taking someone from the indie scene with a reputation as an artist. Then brought along her partner to co-write it.

The brilliant thing about this movie is that it’s a blockbuster mansion deal that doubles as an arthouse. We all know that in addition to being a babe, Margot Robbie is a brilliant actress set to win an Oscar someday. Diddo for Gosling, who in addition to being a sex-symbol is also a great movie star that can act. He might even prove a better option than my original pick (the other more sardonic and self-aware Ryan).

I wouldn’t put it past these artists to put a spin on how society looks at these figures as celebrities and non-persons. Might Margot make Barbie a model who lives in a hype house with Gosling as an empty and plastic Social Media star? It’s an idea. But I bet real life partners Greta and Noah who can be equally funny (Lady Bird, Frances Ha, Madagascar 3) and serious behind the camera might come up with something better.


Yes this is happening courtesy of Warner Bros shoot in the beginning of 2022. #margotrobbie #ryangosling warnerbros. #gretagerwig #noahbaumbach #mov

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Source: Deadline


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