Samspants 101

Modern Electronic Film Composing in the 2010’s: Case ‘Legacy & Oblivion’

Featuring the music composed by “Daft Punk” and “M83”: Mission Statement: Big-time Hollywood director Joseph Kosinski made his mark on movie history landing an expensive debut with Tron Legacy and following it up with the relatively big Oblivion, an adaptation of his own sci-fi treatment. Both times he collaborated with musicians outside the movie industry….

Maroon 5 @ the Air Canada Centre

I enjoyed this experience. Relatively new reggae band “Magic!” opened for Maroon 5 on the latter`s self-titled tour and were riding high after winning a major Juno award the night before. You could tell they were happy to be there. Toronto is after all the main band members’ hometown. “Happy to be home!”, lead singer…

Best Scene: Call of Duty Black Ops II

The best part in the new Call of Duty canon happens before the menu pops in. There’s a great montage that sets up the game, the protagonist and the antagonist. I never thought I’d be so grabbed by a Call of Duty game before I saw this. The song is called “The Night Will Always…

Soundtrack to 2012

A little bit of everything is what most of us say these days when we describe our musical tastes. For me, it depends most of all on the mood I’m in when I’m listening to them. The following songs aren’t exactly the best of the year (some of them are older than 2012) but they…

Quick Music Fix: You’ve Got the Love

A song from a famous artist you’ve never heard before is always a treat. Hearing yet another good song from F+M (I’m calling it, whatever the actual acronym maybe), one that actually carries an uplifting is a nice holiday treat.