Why The Oscars Got it Wrong

I was looking forward to hearing Toni Collette for Best Actress in Hereditary. It is man or woman to be the best performance of 2018. My brother loved the movie, my sister not so much. Most people, even some who didn’t like it can look at that performance as deserving of recognition. Collette is already an Oscar nominee….

New Spider-Man July 28th 2017, likely be Catalyst for Ruination

Variety reports that Marvel’s Kevin Feige and Former Sony Pictures Chair Amy Pascal will produce a film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe due out just over two years from now on July 28th, 2017. Currently the third Thor movie: Ragnarok is scheduled for that date, which moves to November 3rd, while Marvel stablemate Black Panther…

Bradley Cooper’s “Coming Home” ‘American Sniper’ Review

Sidenote: Originally, I was planning to go see Blackhat tonight. But after checking my email and receiving free tickets, with some thought I elected for a better reviewed film. The film was meditative, slow and methodical in parts and action packed and tense in others. Bradley Cooper really finds a new level in the acting department here….

Film Adaptation: “Uncharted” Series

“I’m… adaptable.” – Nathan Drake, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (2011), Naughty Dog, Sony UPDATE: Added additional content. Emily Rose kindly asked for me to make her my #1 pick. An awesome feat I wasn’t expecting despite directly tweeting her. Since being a go-getter is a good thing in this industry, also considering Scarlett Johansson was cast…

Marvel at the Mastery of their Cinematic Universe: GotG Review

(Review) Sometimes I wonder if there’s a point to reviewing a movie that everyone’s going to see anyway. If you look at my Fast & Furious 6 review a movie I pretty much universally praised, its not worth a lot as a criticism or article because I was such a fanboy that I wanted to be…