Is ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ in 2020 a Comedown or an Uplift?

This movie was supposed to come out November 1st, 2020. And yet despite the extra time the special effects are bad, the writing sloppy and the film edit drags. I can’t explain how the film came in initially hot and highly rated. Maybe during the pandemic critics were clamoring for anything. With positive reviews like…

Case 10 – Wonder Woman 1984: A Post-Pandemic Release Strategy

Friday March 13th: Hollywood’s last stand before pulling most major releases from the schedule. One of the last movies released was a mid-range Blumhouse film, The Hunt. It made a few bucks, shuffled quickly onto premium Video On Demand and despite its pedigree, wasn’t very good. Friday November 13th, Universal released a Blumhouse movie: ‘Freaky‘….