Film Recommendations: The Best Films of 2022

10. Prey (20th Century Studios – Disney Plus) Director: Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) Going back to basics reversed the downslide this series was starting on after Shane Black’s misstep The Predator, and it performed so well at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 71 on Metacritic. The only way it could have done better was…

‘Coming 2 America’: 2021’s Best Costume Design

The most important thing for a belated comedy sequel to get right is the vibe. The recent Bill and Ted 3, also got this right. These films understand if your movie feels like it belongs, less of a burden will be on the the laughter. Eddie Murphy is long past having to prove himself and…

After 2020, Where Do Hollywood Movies Go From Here?

Now that 2020 is over, and a number of blockbuster films have released post-pandemic such as; TENET, MULAN, and Wonder Woman, we can evaluate.* There’s no speculation. This year was terrible for movies. I am finding it hard to scrape together a top 10 list, I think I will bunch with TV and Video Games….

Star Trek, Paramount and The Pine-Bluff Variant

When Salary Talks Stall Star Trek, It’s Time for the Enterprise to Look Within and Go Where Kirk Is Gone. Star Trek Box Office: #1 BUDGET $150M, GROSS $257M/ $385M WW, NET <$235M after Publicity & Ads. #2 BUDGET $190M, GROSS $228M/ $467M WW, NET <$277M after P&A. #3 BUDGET $185M, GROSS $158M/ $343M WW, NET <$158M after P&A. Star Trek 4 talks…

What Do You Think?: Iron Man 3 Trailer

Its not too hard to raise the stakes after The Avengers; if you make a personal story with a more looming uncertain threat you’ll have a winner. And from the looks of it, with a new director and style at the helm, Iron Man 3 could be the winner that 2 was not.