After 2020, Where Do Hollywood Movies Go From Here?

Now that 2020 is over, and a number of blockbuster films have released post-pandemic such as; TENET, MULAN, and Wonder Woman, we can evaluate.* There’s no speculation. This year was terrible for movies. I am finding it hard to scrape together a top 10 list, I think I will bunch with TV and Video Games….

Star Trek, Paramount and The Pine-Bluff Variant

When Salary Talks Stall Star Trek, It’s Time for the Enterprise to Look Within and Go Where Kirk Is Gone. Star Trek Box Office: #1 BUDGET $150M, GROSS $257M/ $385M WW, NET <$235M after Publicity & Ads. #2 BUDGET $190M, GROSS $228M/ $467M WW, NET <$277M after P&A. #3 BUDGET $185M, GROSS $158M/ $343M WW, NET <$158M after P&A. Star Trek 4 talks…

What Do You Think?: Iron Man 3 Trailer

Its not too hard to raise the stakes after The Avengers; if you make a personal story with a more looming uncertain threat you’ll have a winner. And from the looks of it, with a new director and style at the helm, Iron Man 3 could be the winner that 2 was not.