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Favourite Film: Memento
Favourite Game: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

My name is William and I am a Gamer.

FilmGamer was established in March 2012. I was encouraged by my brother to write a review for The Hunger Games and I have been writing steadily ever since. As time goes on I have filled in more advanced content analysis such as Case Studies and Video Reviews. I also review television. As I pursued Communications, I’d occasionally upload completed projects that intersected with my hobby and degree. Most of these specials written from school are available to be cited under the Case Studies section.

My intention is to turn FilmGamer into a viable self-sustaining media enterprise. This site has a Facebook Page and integrates with a YouTube channel. Occasionally I also publish links on my instagram and my moment to moment thoughts are visible on Twitter. In 2016, I purchased domains officially and started accepting contributions to the site from other writers. I later purchased the native “.ca” as well. I’m open to partnerships and internships as well. At least, this site will serve as a historical record and point of view regarding media in the twenty-first century.

My critique often alternates. I always try and add fresh commentary that hasn’t been repeated by every other site ad nauseum. Incorporating my Communications degree and passion for writing and film, I usually try to stack my reviews in favour of the objective with partiality to Intersectional Feminism. Although complete objectivity is a fallacy, like anyone I try not to let politics bog down my entertainment. People come to read my point of view so if I can explain how a piece of media affected me it is worth saying.

Born: Saturday 9/11/1993 (current age: Twenty-Seven)
Graduated University (with Honours): May 2017
Youngest of five children in a big movie family.

Volunteered, wrote, proofread and photographed for The Fulcrum Publishing Society in 2013 achieving Staff Status. Joined the Board of Directors at the end of undergraduate year 2015. Became Vice President of the Board of Directors and signing officer in January 2017 before graduating in late May that same year. Earned a Bachelor’s in Communications with a Minor in Film Studies.

Started a Facebook Page for FilmGamer that grew to 500 Likes before Facebook mysteriously wiped it off the map. I have since created FilmGamer Streaming. I have an active base of over a thousand followers across social media.

I received $30 U.S from winning HQ Trivia, requiring the sort of fast thinking even Wi-Fi 6 and 5G cannot provide. I have (5) Platinum trophies (a forty-thousand Gamerscore), and a good credit rating thanks to zero student debt. I look forward to further career opportunities.

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