FilmGamer was established in 2012. Encouraged by his brother to write a review for The Hunger Games after having read the book, he has continued writing ever since. Although his first two reviews ever were The Incredibles and Batman Begins for his sixth-grade teacher.
Content Analysis on the website includes Film, Television, Video Game Reviews, as in-depth Case Studies and the occasional Video Review.
The site has a Facebook Page and integrates with YouTube and Twitter. In 2016 via domain purchasing, FilmGamer was upgraded from a blog to a website. This website intends to serve as a historical record and point of view regarding media in the twenty-first century.
Critiques often alternate on scoring with fresh commentary that hasn’t been repeated ad nauseam by every other website. Although complete objectivity is a fallacy, the site attempts to avoid political discussions that bog down many entertainment reviews while allowing the art to speak for itself.
FilmGamer has an Honours Degree in Communications with a Minor in Film Studies from the University of Ottawa. Although his proudest achievement is winning $30 in HQ Movie Trivia.
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