What did you think? – Catching Fire Trailer 2

There are two things I would like to say about this trailer, it gives away far too much clocking in at 2 minutes and 50 seconds. There’s something to be said about a trailer that leaves some things to the imagination, whereas this one doesn’t, it gives away at least 3 important plot points which I won’t spoil, and although it follows the same format of the first movie’s trailer it doesn’t acknowledge that this is a different beast.

I will say though aside from some cheesy trailer cuts, the film itself looks impressively shot, with some beautiful staging and effects that are on par with the imagination in the book. The score sounds promising coming from veteran composer James Newton Howard, this time with an ample amount of prep work after stepping in for Danny Elfman late on the first installment.

We have an arguably more appropriately experienced director on board with Francis Lawrence (handling the massive production of ‘I Am Legend’ got me impressed, and he has an eye for slick style shown in ‘Constantine’). We have two seperate Academy Award winning writers on board in Simon Beaufroy and Michael Arndt, and with an added production budget this time expect this adaptation to set the box office on fire.

*For those who don’t want to waste their time coming here and not watching the spoilerific trailer here’s the theatrical poster Catching Fire opens November 22nd.


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