What Do You Think? – Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Trailer

There are certain famous people whose significance I struggle to explain. If you were unfamiliar with Shakespearian Theatre and were to ask me who Kenneth Branagh is, it feels under-served to just say he played a role in Harry Potter or directed “Thor” or does both in this movie: “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”.

If you comb through the director’s IMDB profile you will see just how multi-talented this guy is. Not only has he been nominated for 5 Academy Awards, but unlike his contemporaries or any other actor/ director that I have ever seen, he has been nominated each time in a different category. Lead/ Supporting Actor/ Directing/ Short Film/ Adapted Screenplay he’s done it all, and that’s only half of his career. I would say the other half belongs on stage. It’s also interesting to examine his relationship with his predecessor Sir Laurence Olivier having worked with him on countless occasions  both onscreen and on-stage.

Yet none of or very little of this skill set is visible in the latest genericly cut trailer for Tom Clancy’s (R.I.P.) popular character Jack Ryan. Having received multiple adaptations with more creative titles throughout the last 2 decades featuring actors: Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck, its time for Captain Kirk Chris Pine to step into the role of the famous CIA Analyst now turned operative. The possibility of a well-executed character arc, transitioning from super genius to super action-hero could be unique or interesting, but that is only a ridiculously high level expectation. At least our hero will have help from Kevin Costner, who in peculiar turned down this role several years ago when the series of adaptations began, as well as additionally worth noting my favourite Hollywood screenwriter: David Koepp.

Tell me what you think?

Not so much an actor as he is a performer.

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